grappa grignolino micol liedholm

Grignolino’s Grappa “Micol”

Grapes: 100% Grignolino marc

Total alcoholic strenght: 42%

Bottle’s capacity: 70 cl

Distillation: every year, between October and November; discontinuos low pressure distillation system with copper stills operating with steam.

Ageing: 3 years, certified, in small oak barrels.


  • well defined grape, in full line with the wine from which the distilled grape marc have their origin;
  • Color: deep amber;
  • Scent: gentle and enveloping with hints of vanilla and small fruits;
  • Taste: enveloping, strong personality, good aromaticity.

Food pairing: dark chocolate and toasted hazelnuts.

Temperature: 14- 16C°

*single wooden box available